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Pineapple Jalapeño

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As founder and CEO, “Mugger” Maurice Jenkins launched Mugger’s Marrow, LLC in November of 2015. It initially started as a small grilling and delivery business where varieties of meat were prepared for social gatherings.

Soon thereafter, Maurice discovered that the grilling sauce that he designed on his own over a period of 2 years had rapidly grown in popularity with his local clientele.

The recognition of this phenomenon propelled Jenkins to allow the dynamic of his new company to morph into a sauce manufacturer with his skilled grilling technique as a means for promoting it.


Spicy Orange 

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This is an organic spin on traditional BBQ sauce. It’s a base of agave, garlic and fruit along with an international blend of dry ingredients to make the sauce sweet and savory with a spicy kick in most instances. The flexibility of “Stick ‘Em Up!” allows it to accompany beef, chicken, seafood and vegetables on either the grill or in the kitchen. In addition to the great taste, “Stick ‘Em Up!” is also low in calories, sodium and sugar.

"I served Mugger's to my guest on some grilled chicken and they couldn't get enough. It makes such a difference and adds so much flavor to my meals"

John B.


"THIS sauce right here!!!! Let me tell you I let this sauce marinate on some pork chops for my family then I decided to grilled them! Now my mother don't like "no-ting" as she would say lol. However, my father said "MMM! This make me want to smack your momma!"

My mother then tasted her's then said "Hell! Smack the whole DAMN generation! My Gawd!"

— Jessica J


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It was as an adult that Maurice developed his passion for grilling.  On many occasions, Maurice would attend a social function with the intention of relaxing and mingling.  However, not too long after arriving, “Big Moe” is manning the grill with no complaints from either the host or other guests.